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Thor, son of Odin ([personal profile] mjolnir_retriever) wrote2015-08-25 11:12 am

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Speaking with Harry Percy was... illuminating. Sort of.

It was also confusing. Harry is much better at fuming over every word of an insult than he is at clearly explaining the events surrounding that insult.

Thor promised he'd look after Acajou's health. So that's first: he tosses himself up into the air over the Milliways lake to make sure he doesn't see any loose horses wandering unattended. Since he sees none, he visits the stable. Acajou has no nameplate, and Harry didn't give a description, but none of the horses (or other steeds) give any indication of injury or undue stress. Good enough, probably.

(Thor spends a few extra minutes hanging out in the stable. He likes horses.)

Next: to look for Javert or Teja, whomever he finds first. But mostly he's looking for Javert.

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