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Thor is in search of two Very Serious Very Official Bill Collectors From The Landlord.

Last he saw, they were making themselves pretty easy to find.
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Tulio tends naturally to caution-- they've gotten some loot, better hide in their room until they can find a way to get it out.

Buuuut, he also tends naturally to a touch of greed. They've gotten a little bit, but they can definitely get more. And the idea of spending a bit more time in the main bar area is something that, for once, he and Miguel can both agree on. So the table and sign are still up.
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"Wh-- what?"

His eyes go wide for a moment, but then he wheels around and turns his expression of shock on his partner. "You aren't an agent of the Landlord?!"
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Miguel has been getting a little bit sleepy: he's had quite a lot of something the bar called pizza (yummy!) and then quite a lot of cherries jubilee (also yummy!) and if we're being scrupulously honest here his head has been drooping over his lute and his playing has gone all lackadaisical.

But now he leaps to his feet! "What? You call me a liar???" He'd caught Tulio's tone more than the conversation, but that ought to cover whatever's happening!
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"I do! I do!" Tulio cries, leaping to his feet. "You lied to me?!" And now to Thor: "He lied to me!"
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"And you call me a liar? Will no one stand to defend my honor?"


He's been backing and circling, a dramatic hand to his chest, now he pauses, draws himself into a swordsman's stance next to Thor, facing Tulio. "If no one has the courage to defend an honest man, I must defend myself. I set aside my beloved lute, I set aside the trappings of peace; you will pay for this slight with your blood--" There's a weapon at Big Shiny's belt: Miguel snatches for the hilt.

it's not a sword

it might be an anvil

....it might be two or three anvils.

uhhhh Tulio, the diversion is over to you
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don't laugh tulio don't laugh don't laugh

"See how his guilt bears him down!" he cries, flinging his hands in the air. "See how his weapon becomes as lead in his hand! This is the judgment of God!" He points an accusatory finger. "He is the liar!"
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Yeah, well--


well he's gonna catch Tulio's eye and duck down and to the side, and with just a little bit of luck Tulio has room to get around the other side of Big Shiny
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Oh yes he definitely recognizes that that is the cue to RUN.
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The scruff of his shirt, that he's used to! Getting tucked under someone's arm, that hasn't happened since he was a small(er) Miguel! So there's a moment of astonishment.

And then a flurry of kicking and flailing. It's possible he tries to bite, and gets a mouthful of wrist bracer. Ow.
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Tulio can be a speedy little bastard-- those long, skinny legs are good for something-- but even he can't outrun an Asgardian, so-- whoop, yep, shirt collar. He's been here before, too.
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The answer to a question that starts "Can I trust you..." is always yes. Come on.

But while he's dangling under Big Shiny's arm and regretting his bitey life choices, Miguel might as well satisfy his curiosity. "...Also, how does that hammer thing work?"
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"Worthy, or just freakishly strong?" Tulio mutters. Then, louder, "Alright! You can put us down. We won't run."

...unless he looks like he's going to put that hammer to use. Then they're definitely going to run.
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Oh, fine.

Miguel is good at looking gracious in defeat--or something. Anyway, after sidling back up to stand with Tulio again, he lifts his chin and looks tolerably regal. (--or something.)

"A fine, noble calling," he allows.
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"Quite," Tulio agrees.
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Oh. Right.

"We are Miguel and Tulio." You've heard of them, right? No? Sigh. "From Spain," he adds, less dramatically.
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"It was worth a try, though," Tulio mumbles, mostly for Miguel's hearing.
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"And it's not as if we--" Ehhh, there's probably no point in arguing. He clears his throat. "Can we throw ourselves upon your mercy?"
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Tulio looks to Miguel. Neither? Neither would be good.

Really, though, they're not bad at all compared to some punishments they've been threatened with.
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Hey, yeah, where's the stocks? The flogging? The branding? The public hanging?

This place is great!

Er, ahem. "...Staaables? We can do stables?"

Big Shiny Thor Son of Odin seems like the kind of person to ask what you want and then give you whichever you didn't pick.
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Well, that could be worse. But Tulio is much too narratively aware to say that.

In fact, he makes sure to sigh heavily, just in case Thor decides they aren't sufficiently distressed by their punishment and require more.
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Yes, yes, sigh, dishwashing, so terrible, so much worse than mucking out stables. Sigh.

and omg is that a magic rat holding a little wooden spoon?

Miguel winks at her as soon as Thor's back is turned. This place is amazing.

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Tulio's face falls. "But-- but--"
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"We already gave back some..." Come on, not taking that kid's money should get them off the hook for the rest, right?


"...We will of course return all our fraudulent proceeds to their prior owners," he grumbles down at the floor, scuffing his foot against the corner of the refrigerator. Darn it.