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Thor doesn't know how much time passes, after Loki leaves. After he says farewell to his brother for perhaps the last time.

His body seems numb; everything outside it is very faraway. His head is a sea of black despair.

His father is dead. The truce is broken. Loki, who has never wanted to rule, is burdened with Asgard's throne when war -- disastrous war, a war that was hard-won when Odin was in his prime -- batters at its very borders. His father didn't believe that Thor loved him and intended (stupidly, stupidly though he went about it) only good. His mother does not want to see him.

As well she might not. Thor is justly exiled, justly disowned. He thought he was doing the honorable thing, but instead he has brought about his father's death and endangered everything he loves.

No wonder he's no longer worthy to lift Mjolnir.

The humans question him again, but he barely listens, and he makes them no answer. They go away again.

He has nothing to offer them.
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The first thing he will hear, is the door Coulson has been coming in through, opening up again.

This time, however, it's not the good Agent that comes through, but an older man, crying out, "Oh, Donny, Donny, Donny."

Erik Selvig walks into the room, looking at Thor. Assessing him, with the care of an uncle seeing a wayward nephew for the first time in years. He looks broken, like he has lost everything, slumped on that tiny chair, uncuffed, unbound, except by the walls. And, it seems, his own mind. This is not the posture and bearing of a man who walked into this compound and, according to Jane, practically beat the living daylights out of everyone else there, simply to get at the hammer.

"There you are. It's gonna be all right, I'm taking you home now."

With that, he claps an arm round Thor, under his armpits, attempting to lift him up. He knows that if Thor doesn't want to come, he can't make him, he's simply not strong enough, but maybe a little push will break him out of his shell enough to at the minimum get them off the compound?
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The heartiness is not completely false. It's exaggerated, as a show for the watching S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who have apparently decided to by his (to be frank, fairly transparent) lies about Thor being Dr. Donald Blake. It also has a genuine core. Thor seems a decent bloke, if he didn't keep going on about Mjolnir and Asgard.

Anyway, up they get. There's only room for one at a time as they walk past the banks of computer screens and agents at desks, inside the S.H.I.E.L.D. temporary HQ at this crater, so Erik puts Thor in front of him, enabling him to guide the big guy without too much loss of dignity for either of them. Oh, how he wishes he could have this sort of set up back at Culver, it would be exceptionally useful. The visualisations they have going...

He could keep going, except that they are approaching the door where he initially met Coulson for the second time. He gives a nudge to Thor, to indicate that this is the door for them. When they turn onto the steps, they are side by side going down them. Erik turns them to continue in effectively the same direction again, towards the gate in the compound's fence, which leaves him slightly behind Thor again, as they walk back to the 4x4 Erik has borrowed to come out here and get Thor.
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Erik notes with approval that Thor picked up the book. It's not something Erik would ever have had the nerve to do, not as smoothly as that. That doesn't mean he can't approve of it being done, even if he would probably still be the one who had to bear the consequences. As Coulson calls out from behind them, he glances at Thor and notes with approval, that the book is now well shielded from the sight of anyone behind them.

Coulson continues, "Just keep him away from the bars."

No reference to the book Thor has just palmed. If Coulson knows Thor has it, he's not bothered about it. If he doesn't know, so much the better for them. Best to assume he does know, though.

He turns slightly towards Thor, the better for his voice to carry back to Coulson, as he replies with an affirmative "I will."

You know what, though. He's now, finally, annoyed at these guys. This is now twice they've walked in to his life, swept away all evidence someone or something even existed. Now they're trying to tell him what to do as well. Banner was bad, although he barely knew him, working on opposite sides of what is considered physics, but he was a colleague, dammit! And, from what he heard on the rumour mill, whatever project he was working on, got cancelled the day SHIELD showed up, and all the data that had been taken up to that point, vanished as well, along with Banner. Taking Jane's data and equipment, cemented that kind of position. All they seem to be doing is suppressing good, honest Science. And trying to tell him what to do is the final straw. He wants to get off this land that they have effectively claimed as their own, as soon as possible and have a drink, Coulson be damned.

So, Erik starts walking back to the car with a lot more purpose. You might need to open your stride a little further than you have been doing to catch him, Thor.
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"To get a drink." Erik replies, low enough that Coulson won't hear, any other Agents can go to hell anyway.

With that, he leads the way out of the gate, to the 4x4 he borrowed earlier on, when he first learned that he should head out to get Jane. He grabbed an extra shirt from his bag, and Jane found another spare t-shirt. Unfortunately, she didn't have any extra Jeans in that size, and Erik is far to short in the leg for anything he'd wear to fit Thor, so he'll have to make do with just a change of tops.

"There's some clean clothes in the back. I suggest you change while we're driving."

Because arriving looking like that going into what, as far as he can tell, is the only bar in town? Is asking for someone to start something.