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The car's journey is long, though not as long as it was in Jane Foster's van, with the way uncertain. Thor changed obediently (though the space is very cramped) into the fresh t-shirt and button-down Erik gives him. Erik seems to think the combination is too light for the desert night, but Thor doesn't care. The clothing is insubstantial, but Thor doesn't feel the cold; perhaps he's still Asgardian in this.


Neither of them talks much on the drive back to Puente Antiguo.

But true to his word, once they're in town Erik Selvig steers them to a place of drinking that he calls a bar. Like Milliways, Thor thinks, but it's not much like. The same long table called a bar, with stools set before it, and other seats at smaller tables around the perimeter, but that's where the similarities end. This place is dark and dingy, full of loud music and sharp smoke and flashing lights whose colors would remind Thor of home, if their patterns weren't so alien. There are men behind him playing a game of knocking small balls about on a green table.

Erik leads the way to the bar, and asks the barkeep for two beers. They come in bottles of dark brown glass, chilly to the touch. Thor drinks and finds the brew thin and sour and weak. But he's not so ill-mannered as to complain of a gift, and he's not of a mind to complain of much right now anyway.

He drinks slowly, Erik Selvig at his shoulder nursing his own bottle.

It's a small comfort, but a comfort nonetheless. These people have been good to him, however little he might have earned their kindness.
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The drive was uneventful enough. Slow, certainly, due to the darkness around them, and the poor quality roads, but uneventful. The keys to the borrowed 4x4 will be returned in the morning, once Erik has filled it back up with gas, as is only reasonable.

Erik wasn't going to let Thor wallow in that mud stained t-shirt, and had brought another one along that Jane had managed to find in the right size, along with a spare of his to go over it. Besides, while there's no dress code here, he doubts that a man the size of Thor, entering covered in mud, would be appreciated for too long.

There's not much to talk about on the drive back, Erik knows the fight that went down and how it ended, Jane told him what she saw, and facts are the only sensible thing to talk about when driving. A beer, however, has a way of getting people talking, and then, maybe, Erik will find out what's happened to Thor since then, because he's not the same man who he first met out in the desert about 24 hours ago, or at the hospital, earlier this morning. Something has happened. And it happened at the crater. Because the man Jane was describing during the fight, is consistent with the man Erik had met earlier on.

Erik, though doesn't quite know where to start prodding to get answers, so he drinks his beer, while trying to think of an appropriate question to open things up.
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Well, it seems Erik has got what he wanted without too much (any) probing. He catches Thor's gaze out of the corner of his eye and turns to meet it.

The situation Thor describes, though? He's been there. Not with the entirety of his life, the way Thor is having to deal with. But, he was doing some research. Research he thought really mattered. And someone else beat him to the punch. Except once he looked at what they'd done, they hadn't done it all. He hadn't been going to, either. It may have seemed like a tiny discrete problem, but it wasn't. And so, he adapted what he'd done, and achieved something far greater.

"You know it's not a bad thing, finding out you don't have all the answers. Then you start asking the right questions."

It's a philosophy that has served him well, since he accepted it, way back in the mists of time.
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That's an interesting concession, from a man who was so full of conviction last night. It speaks of more than being bested in a fight (which he wasn't), or failing to break some stone to get at whatever S.H.I.E.L.D. are guarding and studying. There's not much to say on those topics, though, not yet, anyway.

"Anyone who's going to find their way in this world," says Erik, turning to look at Thor. "Has to start, by admitting he doesn't know where the hell he is."

He's seen men who refused to admit they were wrong, and watched them walk off cliffs for it. If this is one he can help bring back from the edge, he'll feel better.
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Erik dropped his head back to his bottle of beer, as Thor paused.

"No, don't thank me," he says, returning his gaze to Thor. "I only did it for Jane."

He look away again, and begins reeling off a set of facts, his voice hardening, as if trying to push painful memories away

"Her father and I taught at University together. He was a good man."

Erik pauses, nodding to himself, as if knowing what comes next, needs to be said, painful as it is to admit.

"I never listened." To him, when he was giving such good advice, trying to make Erik see. To anyone, when he was being a damn fool about the whole saga. He tries to listen now, to make up for it.
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He turns to look at Thor as Thor talks about his father.

Well, well, well. Isn't that interesting. Both the use of the past tense, in each of those sentences, and what they say about this man's father. Could he be mad? It's really feeling less likely, the longer Erik spends around him. But...

He turns bodily to fully face Thor, for the first time since they entered the bar.

"I don't know if you're delusional, or if you're pulling some kind of con. And I don't care."

It's not really relevant, anyway. If he's delusional, they've all been pulled into the delusion. If he's pulling a con, they're in so deep there's no obvious way out anymore.

"I just care about her. I've seen the way she looks at you."

It's a statement. And a threat. But more statement than threat.
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That she is. And he's not quite sure, but.

"Good. In that case, I'll buy you another round." he says, gesturing to the bartender to catch his attention.

"And you leave town tonight," he states. It's not a request, it's a statement.
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Well, in some ways, that was easier than he expected. Jane is bound to have some objections, but, what's agreed is agreed.

So, he turns back to the bartender.

"Two Boilermakers."

If they're going to drink, they might as well do it properly.

Mind, Erik at least, still has some beer left in the bottom of his bottle. He takes another drink from it, finishing the bottle, as they wait for the boilermakers to be provided.

The pair of boilermakers come in large glass steins, with a shot each on the side. Once the bartender has delivered them, taking away any used bottles at the same time, Erik picks up the shot glasses and pours them into the lager. He raises his glass to Thor.
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Erik returns the salute, before joining Thor in a long draft. He lowers his stein slightly as he runs out of oxygen, drawing breath through his nose. The motion in his peripheral vision catches his eye, and he turns to see Thor looking at him.

Well then, a challenge.

A challenge he's happy to meet. This man is so full of contradictions, not knowing so much, yet some things seem as natural to him as breathing. And given that he has his marching orders, and will be leaving them alone tomorrow, what harm can come?

Hang on, is/was it past midnight? Best check.

Oh, yeah, we're still drinking, and he's not stopping. Um, shit. Thought he'd have at least slowed by now. Well, come this far, easiest to keep up and finish up, now.
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Well, Erik is not going to be beaten by Thor, not today. So, he too finishes in one go, and places the stein firmly back on the bar top.

Erik glances at Thor.

Then back to the bartender. Erik looks the bartender in the eye, and holds his gaze for a moment. "We'll have another round, cheers."

The steins are whisked away to be re-filled.
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Erik grasps the stein by the handle, and returns the smile. The music is good, Dave Grohl has an excellent history of making good music, so it's not surprising, but, even so. The glasses clink, and he raises his back.

He takes a long swig from the mug, putting it down before a challenge can be issued this time. He may be a capable drinker, but he hasn't done a proper night out like this in a long time.

Then he remembers something, and looks around, he hasn't got his watch on, but there must be a clock somewhere around here... But he's not seeing it at the moment, so, back to the drink.
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Erik may not be Volstagg, or indeed, Asgardian, but he's still a reasonable drinking partner.

And there is no way that he is going to let Thor beat him in a drinking contest (at least, not this early on, anyway). So, another long swig is in order, or Thor will be getting away from him.

Now he's spotted a clock. What was it relevant for again? It'll come back to him. Anyway, best pay for this while he's got enough sense to, so he puts down the stein, and finds his wallet, in a back pocket.

"Hey," he calls to the bartender. "How much is the tab so far?"

He takes a glance at Thor, before adding, "And I think we'll be wanting Another?" The question hangs in the air for Thor to assent to or not.
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Not so much. His brain just caught up with the amount of alcohol he has already consumed, and how much more he is intending. And it rebelled slightly.

The bartender comes back and names an amount, to which Erik responds by placing several bills on the table. That should keep them going for one more round after this current one, at the least.

Speaking of which, Erik still has a last gulp to finish. So, down the hatch it goes!

The stein comes down to the table with fair thud. A solid sound, but not near breaking glasses made so sturdily.

The steins are taken away to be refilled again.

Ah, yes! That was what he wanted the clock for. Is it after midnight? Was it when they entered the bar? It seems reliable, that yes, it was. Erik turns to Thor.

"Hey. You know how I said, 'you leave tonight'? Well, this is the morning. You leave tonight." Erik is going to need someone to help him home, the way they're going, and Thor seems the most logical man to do so. He is the only person Erik knows here, after all.
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Okay, he's not getting it. And Erik is really starting to feel the alcohol, now.

"No. No. You can stay to the morning. You can come back to our quarters. We'll support each other back." Was there some slight slurring in that last sentence? Maybe. Erik denies it.

Also, Thor must be feeling some of that by now. Even if he's not showing it. Erik will definitely need the support, either way.

The steins are back, along with a pair more shots.

Erik goes to pour the shots, and slips slightly, although the bar prevents him falling, too far, or spilling any of the whiskey, but it's a close thing.
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Maybe. But maybes and could have beens are boring.

However, Erik is definitely slipping off this chair, so he balances himself against it, and stands up. He's still okay on his feet, it seems, so he picks up his stein and takes a fairly solid slug of it.

Except, he's just had well over 4 pints inside the last half hour. After driving for several hours. He needs a piss.

So he puts the stein back down on the bar, claps Thor on the back and says "I'll be right back."

Then, he wanders off to the toilets that are on the other side of the room.
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Erik is back reasonably soon, though it may not seem that way to the deliberating Thor.

Hmmm, someone looks like they need a pick-me-up, except a pick-me-up is exactly what he's staring at so intently.

Erik reaches to pick up his boilermaker, hoping to catch Thor's eye at the same time. He's got a little idea about something that might cheer him up.

Or at least get his mind out of whatever rut it's in.
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Erik was certainly considering doing just that. And, indeed, he takes another long draw from the boilermaker, leaving it about half full.


Erik looks Thor in the eye, before launching his stein to the ground. It shatters, made as it is of glass, but Erik's jeans and solid boots protect him from any shards that fly.

Their fellow patrons shriek and flinch as the glass shatters, but Erik stands tall, and cries out, "Another!"

Then, as he looks at Thor, he cracks up, wheezing laughter filling the air.
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"Another!" Erik cries, raising his arms in the air as the bartender goes for the bottles of beer they were having before the boilermakers.
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If he was sober, Erik wouldn't blame the barman for doing exactly what he's done.

As it is, he's not. As it is, he doesn't particularly mind anything, except that his supply of beer has been cut off.


Oh, there is one more. Well, good. He can get out his wallet, to pay for the mess, can't he?

He can, but it's a slow, fumbling job, and eventually, having taken several small sips of the beer in between, he hands over enough to cover the difference between what he paid for before, and what is now owed.

The bartender is patient as Erik finds the cash, but once he's happy he's got enough, he turns to look at Thor.

"For his sake, I recommend you take him home now," he says in a low voice, jerking his head at Erik, who's fumbling with his wallet and his pockets.
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Erik lurches slightly under Thor's grasp, but he steadies himself. Or was it Thor's steadying hand?

"Very well!" Erik replies, and takes a drink from his bottle.

Thor might need to instigate any further movement, because right now, Erik's not going anywhere without an arm around his shoulders.

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Erik joins Thor in draining their bottles. He had a minor headstart, but somehow manages to pace himself so they finish together. Or is it Thor that is managing his drinking rate?

The arm is welcomed, for the support it brings.

"Indeed, lets."

Although Erik does not look like he will be doing much supporting, together they head towards the door.