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Thor, son of Odin ([personal profile] mjolnir_retriever) wrote2012-09-16 03:44 am
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Thor steps through the door onto the roof of Jane Foster's lab, with dawn paling the sky and Jane herself still asleep on a reclining chair behind him. The air is dry and chilly; it smells of dust and oil and human buildings and a far-off horizon beneath a wide and nearly cloudless sky. No time has passed at all, here.

Whoever designed Milliways's portal was very clever indeed.

Thor gazes around, reacquainting himself with the rooftop and the sky and the desert beyond. He has only spent a short time here, but he will be sorry to leave this home of friends.

He sits on the edge of the roof, his legs dangling over a short drop -- a long drop, to this human form -- to watch the pale Midgardian sun creep upwards, and wait for Jane to awaken.