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"We must go to the Bifrost site," Thor tells his friends. All his friends, but mostly his old comrades, the ones who will accompany him to Asgard, the ones who know what all this means. The ones who were betrayed too. All amusement has leached out of him now, leaving only grim anger. "I would have words with my brother."

He notices the approaching hum, but it's nothing dangerous and nothing Asgardian, so it hardly demands attention at the moment. )

Thor strides into the maelstrom of wind. The Bifrost catches him up on its rushing path, and he flies, Sif and the Warriors Three half a heartbeat behind, between worlds and stars and towards home. Towards a reckoning.
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Thor doesn't know how much time passes, after Loki leaves. After he says farewell to his brother for perhaps the last time.

His body seems numb; everything outside it is very faraway. His head is a sea of black despair.

His father is dead. The truce is broken. Loki, who has never wanted to rule, is burdened with Asgard's throne when war -- disastrous war, a war that was hard-won when Odin was in his prime -- batters at its very borders. His father didn't believe that Thor loved him and intended (stupidly, stupidly though he went about it) only good. His mother does not want to see him.

As well she might not. Thor is justly exiled, justly disowned. He thought he was doing the honorable thing, but instead he has brought about his father's death and endangered everything he loves.

No wonder he's no longer worthy to lift Mjolnir.

The humans question him again, but he barely listens, and he makes them no answer. They go away again.

He has nothing to offer them.
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They give him a room, bare and boxy and illuminated by stark unhealthy blue-white lights. Some of the walls are mirrored glass, and they reflect his own face back at him: mud-smeared, drawn, with an expression he barely recognizes on himself. He doesn't look at the mirrors after that.

They put him in the single chair in the center of the room. )

Now more than ever, Thor has no words and nothing to offer this interrogating mortal stranger.
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Thor's estimate was right. They don't reach Mjolnir's resting place until long after sunset. By then, clouds cover the moon and stars, turning the night sky into a featureless black arch.

The air smells ionized and heavy, familiar as a homecoming. )

When the humans wrestle him to his feet and drag him away from Mjolnir, he doesn't resist them.


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