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The lawn outside Milliways is not much more private than the main bar, though it's more open and significantly less populated. But it's a more congenial place for a serious talk, and there are private places. You've just got to travel a ways to get to them.

Luckily, that's something Mjölnir is good for!

Loki wanted to come on a quick flight over to the mountains, right? It's fine, Thor's flown plenty of humans this way. (No, he doesn't snatch Loki up without warning or anything. But Loki knows perfectly well what the come on, grab hold, we're going thataway body language is like, and also what Thor looks like when he doesn't plan to take no for an answer.)
mjolnir_retriever: Thor stuck in a glass room, fist resting on the glass. (unaccustomed to helplessness)
The bridge shattered even more explosively than Thor thought. He realizes, as they pinwheel towards its splintered end, that both he and Loki are going to miss it -- going to miss, and below them is still the starry chasm, not even ocean.

But Loki is, barely, within reach. )

It's a long time before either of them turns away from the abyss, and the nebula-strewn blackness where Loki should be, and isn't.
mjolnir_retriever: Thor, Mjolnir in hand, wind whipping his hair around, staring at something huge and dangerous offscreen (staring into the storm)
Thor has fought his brother thousands of times -- in training, in play, and in real temper. They're both warriors, and Thor has never claimed to be a temperate man.

But it's never been like this, and not because Loki holds the king's spear Gungnir. )

But he can be satisfied with this, at least: he succeeded. The Bifrost's great control room is falling to pieces as it topples off the edge of the world. Knocked out of its precise alignment, the Bifrost flickers and dies away, and its machinery falls into the star-strewn void.
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Heimdall is wounded as Thor has never seen him, a stricken gold-armored sprawl on his own gateroom floor. "Get him to the healing room," Thor commands his friends, striding past. Volstagg is injured too; he will go for Heimdall's sake, where he might not for his own. Grimly, he spins his hammer, building momentum he can feel thrumming to his bones. "Leave my brother to me." He throws Mjölnir forward, and himself with it, along the long crystal line of the Rainbow Bridge. Asgard gleams ahead -- too far. Foreboding darkens Thor's mind.

Loki, he thinks as he flies, what have you done? )

Rainbow crystals blur by below Thor, but his eyes are fixed on his brother.
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They give him a room, bare and boxy and illuminated by stark unhealthy blue-white lights. Some of the walls are mirrored glass, and they reflect his own face back at him: mud-smeared, drawn, with an expression he barely recognizes on himself. He doesn't look at the mirrors after that.

They put him in the single chair in the center of the room. )

Now more than ever, Thor has no words and nothing to offer this interrogating mortal stranger.


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