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mjolnir_retriever: Thor in armor looking shiny with a dramatic sky behind him (Thor Odinson of Asgard is shiny)

The Mighty Thor of Asgard

son of Odin

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Name:Thor, son of Odin
Thor, son of Odin, prince of Asgard, is a large man -- tall, muscular, and with an enormous force of hearty personality. He lives in the moment by preference, and enjoys life to the fullest. Don't think he's stupid, because he's not, but he does think in straight lines. Straight through walls, if necessary.

The word 'man' is something of a misnomer, however. Thor is of Asgard, and he's not human. He is, if not indestructible, at least very difficult to destroy; he's well over a thousand years old, and still young at that; he controls lightning and carries the legendary hammer Mjolnir. His people have been worshipped as gods, and with good reason.

He probably wants to be your friend.

Physical description: Thor is well over six feet tall, and broad shouldered, and very muscular. He has blue eyes, blond hair hanging to his shoulders, and a closely trimmed beard. He also has a general air of expecting to be the center of attention -- not that he insists on it, but he assumes that he will be, and is just fine with that. He'll frequently be dressed in some kind of armor, although not always, and will usually have a large hammer either on his hand or at his belt.

He moves like a fighter. Specifically, the kind of fighter who takes for granted that he's the strongest guy in the room, and can meet anything head-on and punch it through a wall.

For any psychic types out there: Thor is resistant to any kind of mental influence or takeover -- not 100% impervious, but odds are good it will either slide right off, or latch on weakly enough that he'll be able to shake it off. In terms of less invasive mind-reading, he's still going to be pretty opaque to most human psychics; they won't catch many thoughts from him, so much as an impression of alienness and great age and depths of robust power and/or crackling lightning. If you want to hash out any details of this, though, talk to me! I'm always happy to discuss options.

When Thor enters Milliways, he'll be coming from early in canon. Exiled from Asgard, he's been bound to a mortal form and mortal limitations. He's still not human, but all his power is locked away out of reach; your character would have to be very sensitive to perceive it. Talk to me if you want to discuss anything! Thor is now coming in from after the Thor movie, and he's back to his full powers. Talk to me if you want details about how any of this works!

Thor is from Thor, The Avengers, and future movies in Marvel's franchise, and is the property of Marvel and its associated writers. I am not any of those people. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. I'm [personal profile] genarti, and you can contact me by email (this name at gmail), private message, or by dropping a comment in his journal somewhere.

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