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The lawn outside Milliways is not much more private than the main bar, though it's more open and significantly less populated. But it's a more congenial place for a serious talk, and there are private places. You've just got to travel a ways to get to them.

Luckily, that's something Mjölnir is good for!

Loki wanted to come on a quick flight over to the mountains, right? It's fine, Thor's flown plenty of humans this way. (No, he doesn't snatch Loki up without warning or anything. But Loki knows perfectly well what the come on, grab hold, we're going thataway body language is like, and also what Thor looks like when he doesn't plan to take no for an answer.)
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Thor is in search of two Very Serious Very Official Bill Collectors From The Landlord.

Last he saw, they were making themselves pretty easy to find.
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Speaking with Harry Percy was... illuminating. Sort of.

It was also confusing. Harry is much better at fuming over every word of an insult than he is at clearly explaining the events surrounding that insult.

Thor promised he'd look after Acajou's health. So that's first: he tosses himself up into the air over the Milliways lake to make sure he doesn't see any loose horses wandering unattended. Since he sees none, he visits the stable. Acajou has no nameplate, and Harry didn't give a description, but none of the horses (or other steeds) give any indication of injury or undue stress. Good enough, probably.

(Thor spends a few extra minutes hanging out in the stable. He likes horses.)

Next: to look for Javert or Teja, whomever he finds first. But mostly he's looking for Javert.
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- Thor falls out of the sky; scientists are shocked and Thor is tased (OOM)
- Thor enters Milliways from the hospital (EP)
- Erik's view of the events between dropping Thor off at the hospital and having SHIELD commandeer their stuff (OOM)
- Thor's view of the events between getting hit by Jane's car the second time and setting out to fetch Mjolnir (OOM)
- Thor enters Milliways on the way to fetch Mjolnir (EP)
- Thor and Jane road-trip to Mjolnir's new cratery home (OOM)
- Thor fights his way to Mjolnir but can't pull it (OOM)
- Erik does some research (grumpily) and then gets persuaded (grumpily) to try to rescue Thor from SHIELD's jackbooted clutches (OOM)
- Coulson interviews Thor fruitlessly (OOM, not yet finished or posted)
- Loki brings terrible news (OOM, not yet finished or posted)

- Thor is fruitlessly interviewed by Coulson, then brought terrible news by Loki (OOM)
- Erik meets Agent Coulson for a second time, to request Thor's release (OOM)
- Erik rescues "Donald Blake" from SHIELD (OOM)
- Erik and Thor go for a drink (OOM)
- Thor and a drunk Erik wind up in Milliways (EP)
- Thor hauls Erik back to Jane's place (OOM)
- Thor and Jane flirt on the roof (OOM)
- Thor ends up in Milliways and Bound, while Jane's asleep on the roof (EP) (followed by Thor involuntarily chilling at Milliways for a while)
- Thor gets unBound, and goes back to canon (OOM & non-tagging EP)
- Erik's view of the hungover breakfast and surprise new Asgardians (OOM)
- Thor's view of the hungover breakfast and surprise new Asgardians (OOMs)
- Erik's view of the giant magic robot invasion and Thor's not-death and transformation (OOM, followed by EP, the first Erik remembers)
- Thor's view of the giant magic robot battle and his own not-death and re-powering (OOMs)
- Erik's view of the Bifrost opening and Thor's failure to return (OOMs)
- Thor's view of returning to Asgard (OOM)
- Thor's view of the showdown with Loki, and its undesired ending (OOMs)
- Thor's view of the first few hours after Loki's fall (OOM)
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"Spiced wine," Thor requests of Bar, with a companionable slap of greeting to her polished surface.

He gets a goblet, faintly steaming. But he also gets a napkin.

"Well enough," he agrees, and vaults easily over the bar.

His court armor he banishes in favor of the deep red tunic and trousers he was wearing before that. (A little informal for a public meadhall, to his mind, but that's what chutzpah is for -- and anyway, it's not as if most people here know the subtleties of Asgardian fashion anyway. They're nothing indecent, just the sparkly royal space disco Viking equivalent of lounging around in an old t-shirt and yoga pants.) His hammer gets deposited in an out-of-the-way corner, and he sets about investigating options for specials.

Soon the sign reads:


Spiced wine
Spiced cider

There's a pot of each simmering away over a very low flame. Thor knows his own cooking skills: he got the mulling spices pre-mixed from Bar before she went to sleep.
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Thor returns from Milliways to Asgard, and the same instant he left. The portal works the same here as on Midgard, then.

He will have to speak to Heimdall about the place, and to his parents. Sometime.

Thor closes his eyes for a moment, in the hallways, with no servants looking. Then he goes down to the training halls.

He leaves Mjölnir on the floor. In this mood, on this day, if he starts to break things he may not stop for far too long. His fists alone, here in the middle of the night where none will see or hear.

(He breaks three pells anyway.)

He goes back to his chambers. He cleans his formal armor of the dust of New Mexico, the sweat and grime of his fight with Loki; he polishes the gleaming disks of his breastplate. Servants could do this work just as well, but Thor wants the work for his hands. He wishes it felt like more of a penance.

Morning comes, and Loki is still gone.

Thor skips breakfast. There's no joy in food for him right now. He goes instead to speak to his friends. (Their friends.) To Sif, to Volstagg and Hogun and Fandral. To Heimdall, briefly.

He tells them, haltingly, of Loki's madness. Of Loki's fall.

It's awful telling it again, as he knew it would be. Every word is something he has to say, to acknowledge, to bring out again into the open as something that happened.

And yet it's a relief, as much as anything can be, to have his comrades to share his grief. Milliways denizens -- not even Diana, kind and noble as she is, and a friend already -- can't compare to the friends of centuries, friends who love Loki dearly themselves.

Odin summons Thor. He goes, of course.

There is something charged in the silence between his parents. Disagreement, he thinks; he knows the signs of it well enough. Odin's word as king (and Odin's stubbornness, like both his sons') usually carries the day, but Frigga has her own quieter stubbornness. It will come to resolution sooner or later, whatever the matter is, and Frigga may have her way after all.

But perhaps he's only grasping for the normalcy of argument. Loki is fallen, mad, probably dead. There is tension in every silence. A dozen times, Thor thinks for an instant he sees a dark slim shape in the corner of his eye, or hears a familiar tread, or forgets that his brother won't flicker into visibility to drawl something sardonic; a dozen times, he's wrong.

Odin Allfather speaks to the people. Thor stands behind him, in formal armor again, and Frigga beside him in her own most regal raiment, both of them sober and silent.

Every word Odin says is true. But the entire impression is misleading -- a rogue band of frost giants, the treaty that Asgard will hold to as long as Jötunheim does, the Bifrost controls damaged and the whole of it destroyed to prevent tragedy, and Loki Odinson lost to terrible mischance. Asgard is safe, Odin says. Asgard mourns, but it is safe.

When they speak to the court from the golden dais, immediately after, Odin gives a few more details, but the heart of it is the same. They will mourn, he says. Loki may by some chance live, but unless Heimdall sees him soon, they must assume him dead. He will be mourned as the prince he is: feasts celebrating his life, sober ceremony in sorrow for his death.

Thor knows this balance is as it must be. The people deserve truth, and only truth is honorable to give them, but Loki's private pain and madness is a personal matter, not to be shared with those who didn't know and love him well. Odin is wise to choose his words, and wise to be able to speak them as he does, as if there are no deeper secrets to complicate anything.

But Thor doesn't think he could speak so.

He holds his tongue, and none asks him for words, though they watch the faces of all the royal family -- the king, the queen, the only remaining prince. Loki's absence feels raw as the stump of a missing limb.

When he follows Odin and Frigga back into the semi-privacy of the hallway that leads to their apartments and his own, the doorway doesn't take him to where he expects.
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It's a long, heartsick walk back along the Rainbow Bridge. Every step feels like a betrayal.

Thor doesn't look back. )

He will go down to the training grounds, and the pells there. If he can't sleep, he can at least lose himself in battering enchanted stone. Maybe he'll even manage to stop thinking for a little while.
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The bridge shattered even more explosively than Thor thought. He realizes, as they pinwheel towards its splintered end, that both he and Loki are going to miss it -- going to miss, and below them is still the starry chasm, not even ocean.

But Loki is, barely, within reach. )

It's a long time before either of them turns away from the abyss, and the nebula-strewn blackness where Loki should be, and isn't.
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Thor has fought his brother thousands of times -- in training, in play, and in real temper. They're both warriors, and Thor has never claimed to be a temperate man.

But it's never been like this, and not because Loki holds the king's spear Gungnir. )

But he can be satisfied with this, at least: he succeeded. The Bifrost's great control room is falling to pieces as it topples off the edge of the world. Knocked out of its precise alignment, the Bifrost flickers and dies away, and its machinery falls into the star-strewn void.
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Loki opens the Bifrost. Speeding along the bridge, Thor can see it locking into place, hear the hum of machinery, see the bright lance of its power spearing through the sky and into the void.

I have to destroy Jötunheim, Loki said, but he can't possibly mean this. )

Loki meets him with his favorite acrobatic leap and a vicious downward stab of his spear, and Thor parries it with a smash of Mjölnir as he has hundreds of times in friendly fights, and this, this Thor understands.
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Heimdall is wounded as Thor has never seen him, a stricken gold-armored sprawl on his own gateroom floor. "Get him to the healing room," Thor commands his friends, striding past. Volstagg is injured too; he will go for Heimdall's sake, where he might not for his own. Grimly, he spins his hammer, building momentum he can feel thrumming to his bones. "Leave my brother to me." He throws Mjölnir forward, and himself with it, along the long crystal line of the Rainbow Bridge. Asgard gleams ahead -- too far. Foreboding darkens Thor's mind.

Loki, he thinks as he flies, what have you done? )

Rainbow crystals blur by below Thor, but his eyes are fixed on his brother.
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"We must go to the Bifrost site," Thor tells his friends. All his friends, but mostly his old comrades, the ones who will accompany him to Asgard, the ones who know what all this means. The ones who were betrayed too. All amusement has leached out of him now, leaving only grim anger. "I would have words with my brother."

He notices the approaching hum, but it's nothing dangerous and nothing Asgardian, so it hardly demands attention at the moment. )

Thor strides into the maelstrom of wind. The Bifrost catches him up on its rushing path, and he flies, Sif and the Warriors Three half a heartbeat behind, between worlds and stars and towards home. Towards a reckoning.
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He's sinking gradually, comfortably into blackness. It feels like sleep, like floating in a warm bath; all the pain and noise drifts somewhere above him. Time stretches into irrelevance.

Something tugs at his mind, from far away. )

"We must go to the Bifrost site," he tells his friends. All his friends, but mostly his old comrades, the ones who will accompany him to Asgard, the ones who know what all this means. The ones who were betrayed too. All amusement has leached out of him now, leaving only grim anger. "I would have words with my brother."
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Since long before Thor was born, the Destroyer has lain hidden in Asgard's treasure vault. It can be sent out at need, and has been, but mostly it remains behind its screening wall there. It's both one of the great treasures of the realm and a last protection for the rest, under normal circumstances. A great figure of hollow metal and sorcery, shaped like a man but twice as tall as an Asgardian, it has no true brain nor personality. But the magic in it will follow simple orders.

Protect. )

One last glance at his friends -- old and new, all brave and valiant, all dear to him, some since childhood and some only in these last days of Midgardian strangeness -- and then he goes to finish this.
mjolnir_retriever: Thor in t-shirt and plaid and jeans, walking forward on a devastated street (showdown at the OK corral)
The sky over New Mexico is clear and blue -- except in one spot north of town, where a stormy spiral of dark grey reaches down a straight finger toward the dry ground. Thor can't feel the storm under his skin the way he's always taken for granted, can't feel the changes in the atmosphere and the potential building in ions and airflow, but this isn't a normal storm anyway. This is the Bifrost opening.

The question is why, and for whom. )

It's good to have his friends at his back again. Even if he can't stand at their side.
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Jane corners Erik as soon as he's sufficiently alert to embark on an argument of great passion and duration about what exactly the storm surrounding the Bifrost site was, and what the Bifrost is, and how the cosmos is arranged, and what the other scientists of Earth will accept and under what circumstances. The word evidence comes up a lot.

Thor drinks coffee, and (with the aid of directions and some discreet experimentation with the bright blue soap) cleans the dishes, and makes more coffee, and listens with half his attention. )

Thor turns towards the glass doors, seeing out of the corner of his eye his friends falling in behind him, following his lead -- and that's when the sky over the desert opens up.
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The area Jane Foster calls their kitchen is entirely different from the kitchens Thor and Loki used to sneak into to beg or filch a snack.

(Stealing is wrong, brother, Thor used to argue, tempted and scowling to cover it, and Loki would roll his eyes and contend that it was only training, just like the tasks their armsmasters set them, and if they'd be given the food for asking how was it wrong to sneak in without disturbing anyone with requests? )

Thor returns to the breakfast table with a lighter heart. If he must leave this place tomorrow, at least he has made amends where he caused harm.
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Thor steps through the door onto the roof of Jane Foster's lab, with dawn paling the sky and Jane herself still asleep on a reclining chair behind him. The air is dry and chilly; it smells of dust and oil and human buildings and a far-off horizon beneath a wide and nearly cloudless sky. No time has passed at all, here.

Whoever designed Milliways's portal was very clever indeed.

Thor gazes around, reacquainting himself with the rooftop and the sky and the desert beyond. He has only spent a short time here, but he will be sorry to leave this home of friends.

He sits on the edge of the roof, his legs dangling over a short drop -- a long drop, to this human form -- to watch the pale Midgardian sun creep upwards, and wait for Jane to awaken.
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Days pass at Milliways.

(Less for Thor than some might think. Time is funny sometimes at Milliways; Thor has no idea that sometimes he's gone upstairs and come down days later on what seems the next morning.)

Thor eats and drinks, he sleeps now and then, he walks outside. He tends Bar, on the occasion she asks it of him. A dozen times he reaches for Mjölnir to carry him into the sky, before his hand closes on air and he remembers, again, that he has lost all right to Mjölnir through his own folly, and that he is bound to this human form for the long future of his exile.

He speaks to new friends, and for all their strangeness they're a comfort to his heart. He never sees Sif, though at Ellen Park's word he looks for her. He never sees anyone else of Asgard.

He goes to Ellen Park's world and speaks to small green servants of a strange race for her. Together they forge a truce between their peoples. He comforts himself a little with that: at least he's done this much good. At least he can do this.

She brings him armor and a hammer, in token of gratitude for his aid. It's a kind gesture, and an honorable one. The armor is strange, bulky and mechanical, but Ellen assures him that it brings the wearer strength -- not so much strength as Thor considers normal, but more than this frail human body can muster. And the hammer, the sledge as she calls it, is at once strange and familiar to his hand. There are too many feelings at war in his heart; too many, certainly, to burden Ellen with in trade for such a well-meant token. He takes her sledge in his hand, feels the heavy balanced weight of it, and thanks her sincerely. What Heimdall thinks from his watch at the Bifrost's gateroom, Thor does not know.

Days pass, and his father remains dead.

None of the pain softens. The pain, the grief, the self-castigation and guilt. But the facts do sink in; with days of exile to think about his mistakes, Thor can do nothing but acknowledge the truth of them, and the truth of his loss.
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