mjolnir_retriever: Thor in armor, looking upwards seriously into golden light offscreen (father's faith)
- Thor falls out of the sky; scientists are shocked and Thor is tased (OOM)
- Thor enters Milliways from the hospital (EP)
- Erik's view of the events between dropping Thor off at the hospital and having SHIELD commandeer their stuff (OOM)
- Thor's view of the events between getting hit by Jane's car the second time and setting out to fetch Mjolnir (OOM)
- Thor enters Milliways on the way to fetch Mjolnir (EP)
- Thor and Jane road-trip to Mjolnir's new cratery home (OOM)
- Thor fights his way to Mjolnir but can't pull it (OOM)
- Erik does some research (grumpily) and then gets persuaded (grumpily) to try to rescue Thor from SHIELD's jackbooted clutches (OOM)
- Coulson interviews Thor fruitlessly (OOM, not yet finished or posted)
- Loki brings terrible news (OOM, not yet finished or posted)

- Thor is fruitlessly interviewed by Coulson, then brought terrible news by Loki (OOM)
- Erik meets Agent Coulson for a second time, to request Thor's release (OOM)
- Erik rescues "Donald Blake" from SHIELD (OOM)
- Erik and Thor go for a drink (OOM)
- Thor and a drunk Erik wind up in Milliways (EP)
- Thor hauls Erik back to Jane's place (OOM)
- Thor and Jane flirt on the roof (OOM)
- Thor ends up in Milliways and Bound, while Jane's asleep on the roof (EP) (followed by Thor involuntarily chilling at Milliways for a while)
- Thor gets unBound, and goes back to canon (OOM & non-tagging EP)
- Erik's view of the hungover breakfast and surprise new Asgardians (OOM)
- Thor's view of the hungover breakfast and surprise new Asgardians (OOMs)
- Erik's view of the giant magic robot invasion and Thor's not-death and transformation (OOM, followed by EP, the first Erik remembers)
- Thor's view of the giant magic robot battle and his own not-death and re-powering (OOMs)
- Erik's view of the Bifrost opening and Thor's failure to return (OOMs)
- Thor's view of returning to Asgard (OOM)
- Thor's view of the showdown with Loki, and its undesired ending (OOMs)
- Thor's view of the first few hours after Loki's fall (OOM)


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